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40 years in Karate 3/12 2016




News 1st Jul 10

On August Bank Holiday weekend I  am cycling the 137 miles from Whitehaven on the West Coast to  Tynemouth on the East  in aid of Haiti Relief. To sponsor  me visit www.justgiving.com/ucbc-c2c

News 21st Feb 10

I have now added a Blog to the website, so these comments can be interactive. Please feel free to  comment

(see also blog archive for older material)

English Karate News 4th Feb 10

The Dutton Enquiry report into the World Class Bureau payments scandal makes very interesting reading. I  hope any  future (or  present) governing body reads thoroughly and takes heed. Make your own mind up.

Still lots of disgruntled people in the EKF. Some have set up a website to voice contrary opinions. See www.englishkarateassociations.co.uk A particularly interesting piece on WKF statute 21.9 is posted (anonymously).

The AMA was apparently suspended from the EKF, then unsuspended just as quickly.

Clause 21.9 appears to be being applied with undue vigour. I note a message on the EKF site reminding  people that the Maltese Open is in contravention and therefore members face threat of sanctions if  they enter!

In advance of the EKF AGM, a draft of their Mems and Arts has been published www.englishkaratefederation.com

I have made my own observations on this document and emailed them to the EKF, with not even an acknowledgement to date. Of most concern to me is the apparently autocratic, exclusive constitution, and the lack of progress on unification.

My email to the board is reproduced below:

Ladies & Gentlemen of the EKF Board.
You might be interested in some personal observations regarding the proposed Mem & Arts of the Engish Karate Federation

3.9 "No  Director shall benefit from the income and  property of
the Company..." The  recent Dutton report  on the World Class Payments affair is called to mind. Whilst no fraud or misdemeanour was found in the report, it was noted that the "largest proportion of the expenses ... went on the significant cost of employing officials" and notes further that such expenses claims by the EKGB management were inappropriate in the context of a new Governing Body with limited funding. The members should take care to ensure that any expenses claimed by the Board (for example for accomodation or subsistence) should not be excessive. I find nowhere in the Articles a formal mechanism whereby the Board can be called to account by the members.
8. The Constitution and Objects make no mention of Sport England recognition, National Governing Body Status or any intention or efforts  towards unification of karate in England (a particular hot topic of mine) rather, the constitution appears to focus on Olympic recognition.
12. Members are expected to show subsidiarity to the EKF and members' constitutions to conform to - and  be subject to the scrutiny of - the EKF. These articles all seem reasonable (if  you don't like it, don't join) with the  proviso - also mentioned in my comments re Article 3.9- that the members need to have some say  in the the behaviour, conduct and activities of the Management Board. Nowhere in the Articles is there any mention of the Directors being answerable to the members.
This  is all fine if the board are benign, but there needs to  be a system of  checks and balances such that the membership can veto the activities of any wayward future Board.

12.6 notes  "...affiliation  shall be deemed 'provisional'..." but 
does not  mention how long 'provisional' status shall last.
17.1 First time election to office is only open to persons who have  had association membership for one year. This apparently disbars potential candidates who may, for example,  transfer from association A  to association B less than a year ago but have held continuous EKF membership through affiliation to  association A plus association B for longer than 1 year.
17.6 Elective Officers and appointments  may not be Athlete, Coach or Official. Presumably this bar does not  apply to Board  members? (most of whom are at least  one, and maybe all three of these!)
17.7 has an age limit of 70  years  for Board members and  65 for Commission members.. Why?
19.1 Spelling mistake  "statatory"

19.14 Spelling mistake "Precident"
19.25 individual members are apparently not allowed to attend  the AGM, even as non-voting attendees. Again, in the interests of accountability I would question this Article.
28.1 underlines the subsidiarity of the EKF to the  WKF. The WKF rep, if  there be one, must be appointed to  the EKF Board. Further, said WKF rep is to represent  WKF interests in the  EKF and  NOT EKF  interests within the WKF. This is not  fair or reasonable. As before, rules are  rules  and  if that is the  condition for  WKF membership, the EKF must comply. I would  however hope that  the  E(nglish)KF would  - once in membership -  lobby against any WKF statutes not in their interests. For example  the famous  Statute  29.1, barring  sporting  relations with dissident  groups, which  would  be incompatible with any putative Unified  Governing Body.
28.14 Expenses shall  be settled  in accordance  with relevant  regs. Again I  would remind  Board members of Dutton's comments and urge them to show restraint when conducting  EKF business.
28.18 applies  the same  subsidiarity of member associations  to the EKF as the EKF  is  required  to  exercise in relation to the WKF. Presumably this is also a rule  imposed  by the WKF? If so, again I  would  urge  members  to  push the WKF  to review  these rules.
45 Spelling mistake "AMMENDMENTS"
46.2 "relative". Should  this read "relevant"?
Transitional Dispositions
States that  it is intended that the Chair  of the Athletes'
Commission  will be  a Board  member with  full  voting rights.  I wonder why this cannot be  applied  immediately (the  current  rule permits the Chair  of the Athletes' Commission to attend  board meetings but without voting  rights ).
All in all the two biggest concerns for  me are:
1) the  apparently unfair sway the WKF holds over the  EKF-
and  threfore also over the member associations. I recognise though that membership of the WKF is dependent  upon these  conditions being  met  so I would urge  members to  push the EKF to in turn push the WKF  to  moderate these rules in the name of fairness
2)  there appear to be insufficient mechanisms whereby the
Board be accounable to  its members. Given the  past record  of  the  EKGB and Karate England- as noted  by  Dutton, a much more tranparent  constitutional  framework  would be desirable. In addition it is my personal concern that insufficient  activity has been undertaken by the EKF to reconcile its differences with Karate England. Unification is in my view essential if karate is to be a credible activity within Sport England.
Hope these comments are taken in the spirit of wishing prolonged success for the EKF, and will stimulate healthy debate.
English Karate News 27th Oct 09

So the EKF have apparently ignored the petition and have advertised for a Chief Referee. (See website)

English Karate News 12th Oct 09

Peter Allen has led a petition to Mike Dinsdale and the EKF Board calling for reinstatememt of Terry Pottage as EKF Chief Referee. Many EKF Association Heads have endorsed this call.

English Karate News 6th Oct 09

Now it's war! According to a statement from Carl Lindley, the EKF has submitted an application for National Governing Body status to Sport England. This apparently is in direct opposition to an application from Karate England. I'll keep my ear to the ground  for developments.

English Karate News 23rd Sept 09

Who audits the Auditors? According to the Telegraph, the investigation into Sport England's alleged mismanagement of World Class Programme funds will  pay Timothy Dutton QC and his team £300k

AMA News 17th Sept 09

So it seems that Tom Hibbert was up to some shenanigins after all - at least the AMA seem to think so. Read Kevin Hamilton-Stewart's statement here

English Karate News 9th Sept 09

I hear from multple sources that Karate England are close to securing Sport England recognition. Lots of  rumbles of dissent within the EKF, and  no Olympic recognition, makes a number of associations reconsider their loyalties?

KE has published a "Position Statement" which accompanies their bid for SE recognition

English Karate News 8th Sept 09

The karate site has published an interesting perspective on the controversial statute 21.9 Essentially the editorial notes that  the WKF is not the only sports governing body to impose an exclusivity or "non fraternisation" clause.

It is my contention though that such a clause is fine when there is a clearly dominant de facto governing body, but with two similarly sized groups vying for recognition it can be divisive. Furthermore I feel that our own EKF is using the clause to score political points against its rival, Karate England. It seems to me that the English Federation is applying the statute with extreme rigour, to the detriment of the karate athlete (note the debacle over the London Youth Games and the controversy over the World Student Games). In contrast, the Copenhagen Open tournament - with a brochure foreword by WKF President Espinos - is a truly open event and I understand our own "dissident" Karate England has been explicitly invited!

I have had in mind for a while the notion of writing to the EKF board laying out my concerns over both their interpretation of 21.9, and also their apparent inertia on the issue of English karate unification. Judging by the level of sentiment over the treatment of Terry Pottage, I suspect the Board has other issues on their plate right now, though!

English Refereeing News 8th Sept 09

The email has been hot with support for Terry Pottage from the coaching and refereeing communities. As these emails were sent on a "round robin" basis to many dozens of recipients I think they can be safely considered to be in the public domain, so they are reproduced below. In the interest of privacy, however I have deleted the email addresses of the "cc" recipients.

4th Aug 09

Hi Mark

You make interesting points, and like everyone you are entitled to your opinion as much as the next person…newcomer or whatever.
I have been away and have watched recent developments with dismay. EKF seem to stumble from one crisis to another, and appear to be on collision with anyone and everyone. I await the logic of what has been happening to be fully explained….

We are told that such actions are ‘working for us, the members’…..I am not so convinced. Indeed, if it is in the members interests then why are there so few emails supporting such actions? Why are there not people coming forward to express their agreement and satisfaction? Maybe there are, and I am not privy to them, but I would like to know in whose name such actions are being taken? And who in indeed who is supporting them? The ‘sacking’ of terry was not done in the name of our group and we were certainly unaware of any review…….so who was?

I think your third paragraph is most telling….suggesting like minded people…. There in lies the problem. I am not sure we are all like minded people? The EKF is in effect a group of ‘competing shop keepers’.

It is depressing that after so many years the same old tired arguments prevail and once again another generation are being blighted by petty power struggles.

I would fully endorse open debate and discussion, but anytime such debate ensues we are told that it is against company law or that such meetings cannot discuss such items. This may well be true…I don’t know…but I do know that just because the debate is not held in the room it does not stop the debate outside….and most leave meetings confused, disaffected, and carry feelings of be disillusioned. Most sit in meetings unsure what is going on and know little of company law or protocols (I am one of those) but I do recognise dysfunctions…..and the ridiculous power game people will play (on all sides)

In short, meetings are hijacked and manipulated to meet factional interests. Those at the EGM know exactly what I mean….. For those that say little I refer you to Martin Neimoller’s poem…times are not that extreme but the principle holds.

I could go on, but there is little point. The die is cast and no doubt the blood letting will continue until there is no more blood….and we all know what happens then.

Steve Coupland


From: Mjsdevelopments [mailto:mjsdevelopments@aol.com] Sent: 24 August 2009 10:22To: terry.connell@bt.com

Subject: Re: Resignation letter

Dear all,

Being a relevant (sic)newcomer to the English refereeing scene, I hope that my opinions will be accepted with the sincerity in which they were intended.

Recent events have led me to seriously consider wether a career in refereeing is a path on which I wish to continue, I have yet to reach a descision!

There appears to be a lot of petty disagreements from years gone by which are seriously affecting the smooth running of karate in england, I can't imagine why such a seemingly simple task of governing a group of like minded people within an art which we all love, has proven to be so difficult?

All of the tip-tapping through email is getting us nowhere, maybe we should all sit down together( with an independant mediator if necessary) and discuss this ludicrous situation we now find ourselves in, AGAIN?

I would suggest that the Ekf board could act on the wishes of it's members, regardless of individual opinions, whatever those wishes and opinions may be?  If we continue to act with malice from the past In our minds then I cannot imagine that any descisions regarding the future of karate and it's invaluable officials, can be made effectively, members of the board, it's employees and officials should surely be employed on merit and suitabilty for the position and not because of friendship or other unsuitable criteria?

Let's hope that this can be resolved quickly in order that we can progress with the one thing we all have in common - KARATE.


Mark Symonds

On 24 Aug 2009, at 09:24, <terry.connell@bt.com> wrote:

Hi Kevin,

No offence is intended,


The BKF charity H4H stirs emotion in us all as we see our boys return home with horrific injuries. Perhaps you have a point on that issue, but it was conceived when two SKGB officials asked for their fees to be donated to the charity.

With regard to Terry Pottage.

When the NF withdraws its support for an individual as chief referee, that individuals position in the BKF becomes untenable, I trust you can understand that. However in a conversation with Terry last week I did offer him the opportunity to host the championships as chief referee. Terry has deep personal issues within the EKF and asked for time to consider. His resignation followed 2 days later.

Best wishes TC
From: Kevin Barrett [mailto:kevin@clevedonkarate.co.uk] Sent: 23 August 2009 23:15
To: autotune

Subject: Re: Fw: Resignation letter

Sorry that I have tagged this onto an earlier mail but I wanted to get to  as many of those involved in one go as I could. This reply is aimed at Mr T Connell, I take offence at the way you are using the forces charity as an excuse to push officials to attend the BKF. I for one have served in HM Forces, I have been in troubled areas and certainly support when and where I can forces charities. You seem to miss the point, if there is a backlash, it is the EKF board to blame, not helped by your involvement with the appeal of a well respected senior official who was railroaded by the EKF board. So as not to go against rule 53 this reply is not inciting anyone to any action, it is my own personal opinion. I am now retired as a BKF referee, thanks to the dictatorship we in England are having to endure I will also add that where do you come from saying it our DUTY to attend? I do not know about you but I have never earned out of karate, my duty is to my family, I have like many supported karate in one way or another for over 35 years, I may well not have been a bright star but I certainly have given more than I have ever received. Like many I have travelled at expense to myself, I have lost valuable time with my children and grandchildren, not any more. Terry Pottage and I have certainly not seen eye to eye on many occasions but he is the best England could have ever had, he brought so many through and now with you helping has been thrown to the wolves. I hope that the BKF goes well for the participants and not for any other reason, the standard of refereeing in England will certainly suffer without Terry at the helm. I will say no more as I know the knives are out for me from the EKF board, karate in England has taken a big step backward, this board will not re-instate Terry but it certainly is stirring up a hornets nest.

Kevin Barrett
BKF referee and kata judge

----- Original Message -----

From: autotune

Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2009 8:21 AM

Subject: Re: Resignation letter

Thanks for the information Terry regarding the situation with your Position within English and British Karate, I for one find it hard to comprehend that English Kara-te is moving in any direction.

We appear to have stagnated like a smelly pool of water with the insects gathering around waiting for titbits to float to the top to be picked off.

This is not a direct dig at any one individual or group of individuals, it is how I and many of my friends ('@mail recipients included) feel about the way our beloved Sport is heading now.

My life has been spent in Judo, Aikido and Karate (38) for 47 years and I cant honestly say I have witnessed a situation as we have now.

It is felt that Many Officials who have booked Hotels and travel for forthcoming events are going to SIT IN THE STANDS AND WATCH or coach (sorry coaches badges will be required) as Kara-te takes its self destructive path.

How many of us will still be around to witness this debacle is not clear, a lot of us are too old to be messed about and pay for the privilege.

It is felt that local and friends competitions (EKF ALLOWING) will be inundated with officials wanting JUST TO OFFICIATE AWAY FROM THE PROBLEMS.

If Terry Pottage has committed any offence against English Kara-te , this should have been Discussed at an open meeting with member Associations present and able to voice an opinion.

Officials are not absolved from the Rules and regulations, far from it, we suffer them more than anyone else.

We do this with a smile on our faces and are expected to accept due consequences. (WHEN TOLD OF THE INFRINGEMENT).

It is common practice to stand and work for ten -12 hours a day, get no meal because of dignitaries being allowed in first, be verbally abused by Parents,coaches,any bugger watching, then we get a bollocking for being tired and missing a point or penalty.


As a group of likeminded people ( I term as friends) we have stuck together for many years and I don't feel it is right and proper to find a friend and colleague  as Terry Pottage has become, being subjected to treatment of this nature.

Brian (Jarvis) and other association heads/chief referees have asked the questions without answer.

This is not a call for a revolt or strike (perish the thought) it is a clear message that we cant be pushed around as we are now.

The straw that broke the camels back comes to mind.

Let us all ask ;

What came about to justify the reasons for Terry Pottages services being dispensed with ,(the explicit reasons are for Terry to know)

To what end will this move the Officials department forward Why was the situation allowed to become farcical Where do we go from here.

As paying customers (license,first aid qualification costs, public liability costs,separate insurance fees , official course and qualification fees , travel,hotel,meals) 
it is felt we have a right to an explanation as to the current situation (again justification only).

As for Terry  it would not surprise many of us, if a change of allegiance was looked into. I feel many are thinking this now.

And Possibly spend time with our families, if they will have us back.

These are my personal feelings ? what are yours.


----- Original Message -----

From: karatekyk@aol.com

Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009  5:50 PM

Subject: Resignation letter

Hi Guys please find attached my letter explaining my reason for resigning as the Chief Referee for the BKF.


English Refereeing Update 27th Aug 09

Partially, it seems, in support of  his colleague Terry Pottage, Doug James has tendered  his resignation from English  International refereeing  duty. His permission has been granted to publish his letter. I also include Moira Barber's response

From Moira Barber 27th Aug
Hi Doug

I couldn't agree more and I really don't know how the board are allowed to act so maliciously towards other karate-ka yourself included as witnessed at the EGM. Its appalling that Terry has been treated so badly and his numerous years of service disregarded.
I am head of my association but affiliated to EKF thru the IKF headed by Simon Kidd, therefore I'm not permitted to address the board directly so Mike Dinsdale indicated in a blunt manner to me just before the AGM!! The main element lacking amongst some board members is respect and I thought that was a fundamental aspect for us all. Anyway, I have a lot of thinking to do but unless questions are answered it is very difficult to make choices.

I would like to wish u the very best and thank u for your help, guidance and taking the odd little bit of cheek from me here and there along the way!

Take care and enjoy the rest - sort of!


From: "Doug James" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 12:05:10 +0100


Dear All,

I am writing to inform everyone that I have decided to step down from involvement within the National Referee Departments, after the BKF Senior Championships on Sat September 5th.

I have worked alongside Terry Pottage since 1991, helping to train & develop national & international officials in England & more recently myself in Scotland , and I hope that you all can continue to be successful under the new Referee leadership, whoever they may be.

I would like to make it clear that I think Terry has been treated very unfairly by the EKF Board. To send someone a letter telling him that “his services are no longer required” and particularly to a Karateka of such high regard in the UK , Europe & World Karate for over 30 years is contemptible.

Certain members of the EKF Board have little respect for officials, and this was very evident at the EGM.   I will continue to support my colleagues within the English Karate Referee Unit in the pursuit of being “fairly & justly treated”, as I remain very much involved in Karate within the UK as Head of my Chojinkai Association.

Questions have been put to the Board by members and I await the replies as I am sure many of you are too.

I have had a memorable Refereeing career, on the domestic front for over 30 years with 21 of these years at International level.  Many of you have become very good personal friends, and I look forward to meeting up with you in the foreseeable future. 

Yours in Karate,

Doug James


British Karate Do Chojinkai

English Karate Update 25th Aug 09

Yesterday the AMA website announced the "resignation" of founder and CEO Tom Hibbert, MBE. Tom is gone eighty now, and much of the executive power of the AMA had already been devolved to the President and Vice Presidents, so I naturally assumed that this was a typo for "retired". Certainly the old man deserves a rest after 30-odd years of service. A few enquiries, though, soon revealed that Tom has indeed resigned his post. I am unable at the moment to get any more details

British Karate Update 24th Aug 09

In response to Terry Pottage's resignation letter (below) the EKF's Mike Dinsdale has released the following, harshly worded response:

Please find attached our response to Mr. Pottage's "facts"

You want facts; here are some uncomfortable facts;

apparent vendetta being waged, by certain members of the board of the EKF, against both myself and the English Referees and Judges
There is no vendetta being waged against anyone, neither individuals nor groups of individuals.
Our team has always been close and extremely supportive of each other. Even when, for a period of time, there was no English Governing body we stuck together to continue our development until a new body was established. 
By your team you mean UKKRO. You formed UKKRO which was a money making exercise, you had a merchandising section, sold UKKRO licences, for which you charged referees. You did not join the EKF when it was first formed; in fact you even applied to the BKF for UKKRO to be an independent body, in order to circumvent the EKF?  
From the time that the disaster that was the Karate England 2005 Ltd happened, to present day all the international officials and new international candidates have never received a single penny towards their expenses. By way of an update I have personally received, from the EKF, a fixed amount of £1300 towards my attendance at the 2008 World Championships in Tokyo. The contract that I agreed to in December last year entitled me to a small annual salary and expenses payments for International events. To date I have received the relevant expenses payments however the monthly payment of my annual salary terminated in June without explanation. Whenever I have attended European events only, I have received 50 Euros per day for my work as a member of the European Referee Commission as out of pocket expenses i.e. food etc. 
The only referee to receive money was you. When given the money to cover your flight to Tokyo, there was not even a thank you, instead you asked …and what about my hotel and food? You turned up at registration in a UKKRO T-shirt, and came back from the event giving our referees the wrong information (body armour was not compulsory). For the services to the EKF as chief referee you were paid £416.66p per month, and in seven months you attended two out of the eight squad sessions, one day of the two day National championships not at all at the regional and held one referee training course. You claimed in excess of £1600.00 in expenses from the English Karate Federation, whilst receiving 200€ per event from European Federation. If you were working for the European federation, why were you claiming from us?
and I firmly believe that this is part of the reason that the EKF have decided to dispense with my services
The board took the view that you were not fulfilling your job description/contract, this was the reason your services were terminated.
I do not intend to take this lying down and I shall be in touch shortly. Thank you for your support and whatever decision you make regarding your future with your Refereeing please remember that if they can do this to me then no one is safe
In light of the above, you contemplate taking action? It should be the EKF who should be claiming from you. As for the referees, they are not sheep or lemmings they are intelligent individuals, and armed with the above now have both side’s facts.

This looks like it will turn into a dirty, public slanging match. Readers will have already, I hope, noted where my personal sympathies lie, but in a spirit of openness, I will continue to publish both sides' views wherever possible.

English Karate News 23 Aug 09

Karate England has published a statement putting their loyalties behind WUKO / WKF. In their statement the group has suggested that the EKF has obstructed unification talks with Sport England. They also state that the EKF represents the "minority of English karateka". I have asked their board for clarification / elaboration on these points, but have not yet received a response. They also criticise the EKF for an excessively zealous application of WKF statute 21.9. In this respect I feel they have a point.

British Karate News 21 Aug 09 -Terry Pottage Resigns From BKF

His letter to the BKF follows:

Dear colleagues and friends it is with great regret that I must inform you that I have made the decision to resign as the Chief Referee for the BKF. This has come about due to the political situation and the apparent vendetta being waged, by certain members of the board of the EKF, against both myself and the English Referees and Judges. I have received information from a number of reliable sources indicating that I was to be told either during or at the end of the British Championships that my services would no longer be required. I can tell you that I now have no intention of allowing them attempt to humiliate me with their actions so I will not be attending the competition.

I still have had no information as to why my contract was terminated by the EKF, but no doubt in due course all will become clear when they decide to inform me.

For your information the facts.  As most of you know I have been a servant of English Karate as a competitor from 1975 until I became an International official in 1983 and have never ceased to support which ever was the appropriate English Governing Body that belonged firstly to WUKO and then when it changed its name to the WKF. In 1991 I was asked to take on the role of Chief Referee for the EKGB. During the period of the existence of the EKGB, I, together with firstly Doug James then Billy Brennan, created a structure of top quality English officials, many of whom have now moved on to become valued Internationally qualified officials numbering until recently 13, with both World and European qualifications. Our team has always been close and extremely supportive of each other. Even when, for a period of time, there was no English Governing body we stuck together to continue our development until a new body was established.

From the time that the disaster that was the Karate England 2005 Ltd happened, to present day all the international officials and new international candidates have never received a single penny towards their expenses. By way of an update I have personally received, from the EKF, a fixed amount of £1300 towards my attendance at the 2008 World Championships in Tokyo. The contract that I agreed to in December last year entitled me to a small annual salary and expenses payments for International events. To date I have received the relevant expenses payments however the monthly payment of my annual salary terminated in June without explanation. Whenever I have attended European events only, I have received 50 Euros per day for my work as a member of the European Referee Commission as out of pocket expenses i.e. food etc.

I have fought continually to get a fair deal for the English officials for attendance at national Championships and selections and I firmly believe that this is part of the reason that the EKF have decided to dispense with my services.

I find it extremely hard to comprehend why after 34 years of continuous service for English Karate that I am to be discarded like an old rag. I further believe that a recommendation will now follow, to both the WKF and European Referee Commission, that I no longer have the support of the EKF and this will in turn effectively finish my 26 years as an International Referee.

I do not intend to take this lying down and I shall be in touch shortly. Thank you for your support and whatever decision you make regarding your future with your Refereeing please remember that if they can do this to me then no one is safe.

Terry Pottage

English Karate Update 14th Aug 09

THE EKF's actions (below) have been condemned by a "gobsmacked" Peter Allen of the AMA. In an open email to Pottage, he commented; "it's a sad day when they can do this to you after all the loyal service you have given to the many governing bodies". I'm sure these sentiments are echoed elsewhere.

English Karate Update 13th Aug 09

Terry Pottage Sacked as EKF Head Ref. Karate Olympic Dream Over

So it very much looks like it's curtains for karate's Olympic ambitions again. Although the final decision is not until October, The IOC board has recommended the inclusion of Rugby Sevens and Golf.

Also today, Terry Pottage has been sacked by the EKF from his position as Chief Referee. The relationship with the EKF board has been rocky for some time now and the animosity has finally come to a head. I like Terry, not least because he is single minded. Perhaps that's what rubbed the board up the wrong way? Terry tells me the matter is now with his solicitor. I'll let you know if more details emerge.

On Sunday July 12th 09 I once again cycled the 60 miles from Manchester to Blackpool for the Christie Hospital. This year my wife, Sue, and younger daughter, Imogen joined me (along with over 120 of my colleagues). Your support raised the sum of £100, Many thanks to all who sponsored us.

English Karate Update 19th June 09

Terry Pottage has resigned from the EKF board of Directors. John de Bono and Mick Billman are in.

Sport England has launched a £20M fraud investigation (which includes reference to "Karate England" and Nick Halafihi - apparently the last payment from the World Class Programme was to Halafihi) according to the Times.

The BKF has launched a new website in anticipation of the IOC vote.

27th May EKF update

Terry Wingrove's view

8th May 09. EKF Update

So the board has acceded to the request for an EGM. It's in Birmingham on June 7th.

The AMA has listed a number of proposals for consideration, including a sliding scale of charges for membership levies, an opening up of the recruitment processes for the board, and a release of the accounts. Carl Lindley has launched a pre-emptive assault by publishing a statement on the EKF website calling  for cooperation & unity.

Meanwhile I hear that Karate England has "almost" secured SE recognition. In fact one of the points in supoort of this claim is their involvement with CCPR, but a quick glance on the CCPR  website actually  shows EKF as a member but  does not mention KE at all.

18th April 09. EKF - Trouble at t' Mill.

If the following email is anything to go by, it is a case of, same s**t, different toilet. Judge for yourself. More news when I hear it...

From: John Gilliland 
Sent: 17 April 2009 16:11
a.genery@sky.combrian@nobleben.freeserve.co.uk; Carl Lindley (carllindley93@aol.com); Chris Thompson (cthompson1@btconnect.com); John Moreton; Mike Dinsdale (michaeldinsdale@btinternet.com); Terry Pottage (KarateKYK@aol.com); Ticky Donovan OBE ; William Thomas (wthomas@dunstable.ac.uk)
Subject: Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear Board Members

I am writing on behalf of the following associations to formally request that you convene an Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with the company’s Articles of Association paragraph 11.

For the avoidance of doubt, the CA 2006 allows for 5% of the voting associations to formally request an EGM, this number currently therefore is 6 associations.

The members requesting an EGM are as follows

AMA, GK, BTKA, RKA, BKA, SKDKK, EKK, WBKK, BSK, ZKGB. Other associations have indicated their willingness to request an EGM, and will forward their support shortly.

The reasons for requesting an EGM are as follows:

Acceptance of the Annual Accounts

Consideration of the Minutes of the AGM and Council Meeting of 15 March 2009.

Consideration of the position of Mr Dinsdale who must be elected according to the current Articles of Association, and cannot simply remain on the board by virtue of his position within WKF, and oversight which must be corrected.

Consideration of the appointment of an Accountant to the Company

Consideration of the board failing to adhere to the wishes and direction of the members

Consideration as to why individuals are not registered as Directors at Companies House

Consideration as to why the annual return has not been submitted and is now late, despite the relevant paperwork being handed to the President on 15 Mar 09, notice having been served that the company has 1 month to comply or will face being struck off the register of companies.

The members have some other issues which they wish to be included, these will be notifed in due course once the board have set the agreed date.

Please note, the notice period for an EGM is 28 days.

 JM Gilliland

On behalf of the members requesting an Extraordinary General Meeting



24th March 09

Just come back from the English Championships in Sheffield. Disappointed only to get Bronze in the veterans kumite, but again greatly enjoyed the experience. Lost in S-F to Mike Wilson of Barking Abbey Ishinryu (Jon Mottram's club). Nice bloke. Really pleased for him. He took Gold in vets kata, silver in the vets kumite and also a medal in the team kata. A  fine all-rounder.

Some rumblings of dissent in the English Federation. Terry Wingrove has posted some harsh words about  my  mate Terry Pottage on the CyberBudo site. Pottage wasn't in Sheffield on Sunday so I didn't get to ask him about it.

Tony Gray, Carl Lindley and Steve Scott have left KDI to form their own KDF.

Met one of karate's greats, Archie Grassom, who has just joined the AMA.

Trying to retrieve my old web stuff from Lycos to upload onto the new-look site. Be patient & keep visiting

2nd March 09

Veteran karate instructor Martyn Skipper took gold in the Masters (over 35 years) event at the International Karate Open in Ponds Forge, Sheffield yesterday (March 1st).

45 year old Skipper, a 4th dan black belt, who teaches at Tower Shukokai karate Club in Edgworth, beat Iranian international Davood Bahramian in the final to take the trophy.

"It gets harder as I get older. Most of my opponents were ten years younger than me, but I guess experience won the day."


The AMA International Open is one of the largest events in the European karate calendar. Held over two days it regularly attracts well over 500 competitors, including entries this year from Iran, Bangladesh, India, Scandinavia, Belgium, Russia and the Ukraine, as well as the four home countries and Ireland.

Tower Shukokai has been in existence for over 20 years and is run by 5th Dan Andy Allwood, of Bromley Cross. For more info call Andy on  07960 794160 or see  www.towershukokai.co.uk 

2nd Feb 09

Darwen karate instructor Martyn Skipper proved he's a "Tough Guy" this weekend when he completed one of the world's most gruelling endurance events. Now in its 22nd year, the Tough Guy TM race is run over about 8 miles in the grounds of a Staffordshire horse and donkey sanctuary.

Designed by the eccentric "Mr Mouse", the course is supposed to emulate some of the rigours and pain of famous battles and war zones. Despite the snow and winter chill, Martyn, and some 5000 entrants from around the world climbed scaffolding, traversed ropes, crawled under barbed wire, jumped through fire and repeatedly submerged themselves in icy, muddy water over the two hour course.

The St John Ambulance team were in attendance and the 10 ambulances were kept busy all day. At the time of going to press it is not certain how many entrants completed the course but, in past events up to a thousand have failed to make the finish line. According to the Birmingham Post, this year's event    recorded  "a dozen broken or dislocated limbs" and over 600 cases of hypothermia.


4th Dan Skipper, instructor of Tower Shukokai Karate Club, said "I've done some crazy things in the past, but this is easily the most demanding thing I've ever experienced". He went on; "it was really distressing seeing people littered around the course, shivering, and bleeding. We all got a hot chocolate or a cup of tea at the end, but it was impossible to drink as we were shaking so much with the cold - to see  thousands of people all trembling violently is quite bizarre.

"I'm grateful that I suffered nothing more serious than a slight ankle sprain, and some minor scratches, although my fingers still haven't regained all their  feeling, a day later, " he  laughed.