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Why are There so Many Karate Idiots? (2013)


The majority of karateka believe earnestly that they are pursuing “The Way”. That is, diligently and selflessly committing to the regimen of dojo, meditation, bowing to all the right people, learning the “right” way to do the right kata and understanding that “bunkai” is king - It has to work in “The Street”. At the same time they maintain, and publicly declaim their disdain for the financially successful “McDojo”... Read more

Shiai and Budo- No Contradiction (2008)

After 50 years since the establishment of karate in the UK, and the best part of a century since its formal adoption as a branch of Japanese budo, I thought the “traditional vs competition” debate had played its course. Apparently though, according to many web forums (and presumably then many post-dojo bar-room pontificators) the question is still very much to the fore of many a karateka’s consciousness. When one of my students recently broached the subject with me, noting, “one of my mates told me that competition is not proper karate” I felt the urge to get on paper my own passionately-held views on the subject.... Read More



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