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Tower Shukokai Karate Club The club I joined -and have coached at- since 2000

English Karate Federation The WKF-sanctioned group vying for NGB status in England

Karate (in) England the other group lobbying for NGB status. Includes Andy Sherry's KUGB & Steve Arneil's IKF Groups

Amateur Martial Association The umbrella group Tower Shukokai (and I) belong  to

Karate Underground Forum now defunct. Web Forum started by Mark Groenewold

Karate Devon Angela Giesens has picked up the mantle of the KU forum

Steve Merret's Chosho Academy My old chum Steve teaching in Essex

Lee Whittington's UK Warriors A former alumnus of Glenn's Henka-Ryu in the 1970s

English Karate Associations A pressure group set up as critics of the current  English Karate governance scene

Trev Roberts' Applied Ju Jitsu Trev was an early JJ mentor for me and remains an old friend

Jim Hoffer's Shidokan Shorin-ryu Jim kindly permitted me to train when I was in Michigan. Old style Okinawan karate with emphasis on bunkai

Oxford Karate Academy. Paul Coleman is a top (7th dan) Goju Kai guy and all round karateka with whom I have enjoyed many courses