The All-New VMA Shitoryu / Shukokai Karate Series with Terry Pottage
Volumes 1-3. Re recorded for DVD.
The Terry Pottage series of VHS recordings were amongst the first of their kind seen in the UK, and established themselves as the “standard text” for Shukokai practitioners.
When the time came to update these to the DVD format, Terry decided to completely re-record and update the series. Each video features Terry in his characteristically avuncular fashion introducing the kata, and bunkai, as well as a few anecdotes explaining the origins, or Terry’s own experiences, of the forms.
As a former International competitor of some repute, and now the 7th Dan head of English refereeing, as well as a member of the EKF refereeing commission Pottage’s credentials are not in dispute. His observations then on application, performance and interpretation are an invaluable insight for the competitive and traditional karateka alike.
Each kata is performed at speed, at slow pace with commentary by sensei Pottage, and then again with bunkai, before once again being demonstrated at full pace. Terry takes the opportunity to point out key errors, notes and observations to assist the practitioner in execution.
Volume 1 brings together all the five Pinan katas with bunkai and execution notes. As a bonus, this volume also contains a personal profile of Terry. In his own words, he discusses his early personal life, a synopsis of his competitive career, and his progress into national and international refereeing, as well as the formation of the Kenyukai organisation he has headed since 1980.
Volume 2 covers advanced Shitoryu katas Saifa, Annanko and Annan. Terry gives them the same treatment as previously afforded the Pinans, and includes bunkai. In addition Pottage spends some time on the two WKF Shitei (compulsory) katas Bassai Dai and Seienchin. These two katas are of particular value to competitors and aspiring competitive kata exponents, because under current WKF rules, the two shitei kata from any style must be performed without deviation from the prescribed form. Terry takes time not only to demonstrate the “standard” execution of these two forms, but also to point out- from a referee’s point of view- many of the common errors guaranteed to meet with official disapproval, and down-marking in a competitive environment. For many then this will prove an essential addition to the collection.
The final volume embraces three more advanced kata: Matsumura Rohai, Kururunfa and Nipaipo. The final volume is completed with the inclusion of the basic kihon drills and hokei kumite from the Kenyukai syllabus. These drills form a fundamental part of Terry’s syllabus but, as examples of the style, will be a useful guide to many key principles for any Shukokai / Shitoryu stylist.

Each volume comprises an audio-visual textbook for the experienced student or novice from any style, from one of the leading lights of English Karate.
The discs are available from VMA at
www.vma-international.com, the production company Summersdale Productions, or direct from Terry on karatekyk@aol.com priced 19.95 each.