AMA Triumph at EKGB Nationals 2003.
March 23rd and 24th saw a change of venue for the EKGB English championships- the Ponds Forge Centre in Sheffield.  Over the same weekend this prestigious venue played host to the National Swimming Championships.  The excellent facilities a Ponds Forge were easily able to cope with the dual demands of two major championships with regard to parking, catering and overall event management. Many competitors agreed that this off-M1 venue is more accessible to many than Crystal Palace, too.
The main sports hall was excellently appointed with flowers, adequate lighting, and support (the PA was clear and audible, and the areas were well covered by, ,and accessible to the attendant First Aid team). One small criticism, the beautiful, apparently brand new, six matted areas were pristine, but the surface proved a bit slippery. Perhaps with use the purchase on these surfaces will improve.
The kumite events on Sunday commenced on time at 9.30, but over-ran the estimated finishing time of 6pm due, I’m told to a shortage of officials, which led to too much dead mat time. Associations please take note. Make sure you supply your quota of officials to these events. It’s in everyone’s interest.
To the competition itself.  A somewhat reduced squad, compared with previous EKGBs, did well to achieve Three Golds, two silvers and three Bronzes, placing 5th overall in the medal table.
Young Nathan Clark had a great Nationals, taking Gold in the U60 Cadet kumite and Bronze in the Cadet kata.  Paul Yates took the Junior (18-20yrs) U60kg title. Silver for Ben Moir in the Cadet U70 kumite, and Silver too for Danny Rudkin in the Junior U70 kumite (Danny lost in the final to an on-form Cain Canning who took two golds and the Fighter of the Day award). With such a strong under 21 contingent, the future looks great for the AMA as these lads (and girls) reach the Seniors. Jim McSherry took Bronze in the Masters (over 35 years) Kata. (He also gave a good account of himself in the individuals and the team - not bad in his first ever competition.) In the Masters kumite, Tower Shukokai’s Andy Allwood took bronze, and the evergreen Herron Chisolm seemed to make easy work of the much taller Mark Holding in the final to take the title.
Congratulations to the squad and thanks to Peter Allen, Chris Spurgeon and the rest of the coaching team. See you all at the North West Open, Darwen, April 6th.
The AMA is the largest multi style Martial arts association in Britain. For more info check out, or telephone 01332 663 086. Next event, the AMA North West Open, Darwen , April 6th.
Martyn Skipper AMA Press Officer